by Idiot Magnet

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Idiot Magnet's debut album, recorded in 1998, back when they were all thin and dashingly handsome and in their twenties. In those days they were known around the local scene (such as it was) as subGenius.

Back in the olden days (1997) Rob Reid & Rohan Voigt forcibly yet passively disbanded their previous outfit, Sphincter, and set about building a new band to play the songs they had been gradually accumulating. They called it subGenius and recruited a new rhythm section, Rohan's childhood buddy Darren Hilliard and lovable drummer Nino LaScala. They recorded this album (and most of the Fragile EP) during 1998 on a portable 8-track machine as something to do between cigarette breaks at band rehearsal.

This version of the band ended amicably when Nino left to concentrate on his career and Darren moved interstate and started a family. After many years languishing in audio limbo, these tracks were all given a makeover and a remix in 2009, then a final spit shine in May 2010.

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released May 24, 2010

Produced and recorded by Rohan Voigt

Vocals: Robert Reid
Guitars & vocals: Rohan Voigt
Bass: Darren Hilliard
Drums: Nino La Scala



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Idiot Magnet Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Faith Healer
I'm waking up. The game is over.
For two and a half years I've been in a coma.
I'm coming round. The hunt is on.
I've got scars in my palms where the nails would have gone.

Trust in me, I'll be stronger.
I can lead you to what you believe.
Patient heal the faith healer.
You'll pay to be told what you need.

I may be slow, but I'm a little smarter.
I know you like blood so I turn on the stigmata.
Salvation comes at a high price.
You will find when I get my hands on you it's body over mind.

And I can't stop staring at you.
You look like someone I once thought I knew.
Let's go again. Let's deal the final hand.
If you don't kill me this time, maybe no-one can.
Track Name: Tramspotting (El Nino)
Her teachers say she’s lazy.
Her mother thinks she’s crazy.
Her father says she’s got in with a bad crowd.
She calls her friends from school insipid.
Her ex-boyfriend’s a shit-head.
And she’d like to go to Sydney but it’s not allowed.

She’s a double jolt nova.
She’s as cool as Super Grover.
At the Cadillac Club she won’t be found.
She’s blonde but she’s not subtle
and she hangs out at the Tunnel
for the fine white powder that they pass around.

She don’t like, she don’t like, she don’t like…

At the back of the Valhalla, like escapees from Yooralla
Cutting lines on her dole cheque with her student card.
Fucking up her sinuses and pulling B minuses.
The VCE was easy but the drugs were hard.

While her friends were dropping acid,
saying “cool” and going flaccid
you can bet our heroine is where the action is.
When the world starts going day-glo
and the tears begin to flow,
feel the mucous in your nose start that familiar fizz…

Red cordial gets her hyper.
On a caffeine rush, on a sugar high.
Chewing on Buzz gum, sucking down a Viper,
All she need is a couple of packets to get her by…
It’s not expensive.

She knows a little shop run by the daughter of a cop
Where she can fill her prescription (if you know what I mean).
She’s got a stash of the original laced with something criminal.
Tonight: the red packet. Or maybe the green?

Mickey gets her crazy. Donald makes her hazy,
But the Goofy packets are her favourites, I suppose.
She retires to the girls’ room
with a wink and with her little plastic spoon
She gives the nod and baby, thar she blows…

Choose bad…

It looks like it’s so innocent. It’s only sherbet, isn’t it?
They sell it to kids at the local milk bar.
But every hash puppy and the cocaine shorting yuppies
Know a Wizz Fizz junkie is the worst, by far.
It’s a short step from Wizz Fizz to mixing your Slurpies,
getting high off the colouring and freezer burn.
You’ve got a stock pile of Fags, and you’re eating your Clag.
As Mike Monroe might say, “I guess you live and learn…”

Matter of fact, I've got it now.
Track Name: Leash
She comes again, brutal and dishevelled.
I let her down, but I let myself down more.
If I could save a fraction of the impact
I'd keep myself a secret, the instant just before...

And in your eyes I see my own reflection.
A tawdry lie to come into my own.
I see the sun go down by increments.
The further from the coastline,
The colder I have grown.

But come the dawn, she comes around.
Her emerald eyes are hooded now.
Let fly a salvo of tracer fire.
She wakes in darkness, makes me a liar.

She makes me over in her graven image.
I take the bit between my teeth and run.
I place my hand over her heart
To brace myself for the shock that is to come.

And in the dark I watch my sister breathing.
I need the sound more than I'll ever know.
Untie the bonds that keep me from the surface.
The closer that she gets the further I will go.

We dance tonight, we fall tomorrow.
She takes my hand, I melt away.
I give me life, she takes a moment.
I can remember no other way.
Track Name: Fragile
I'm too good to leave, I'm too bad to stay.
You're fat and you're ugly and you don't care anyway.
You've got me round your finger, I can't say a word.
Now is the Pinter of our discontent.
Now isn't that absurd.

Life's a box of chocolates, fireworks and rockets.
Putting fingers into sockets and death threat notes.
It's hard enough to listen when your eyes begin to glisten
And something seems it's missing.
Put my hands around your throat.

You've decided you don't want me; fine, leave me alone.
You beat me to the punch and yet you cling onto the bone.
I'll chase your ambulance no more.
Your simple promise of solution.
You're the windscreen-struck believer
In the face of absolution.

You're not content with living with the world or with your new man.
"It's good to be alive," you say, "but it's bad to be a human."
Your suffering's so adrenal.
You angst for your endorphins,
Cause the world has got it in for you,
But it's me you've got your claws in.
Track Name: She's My Bodhisattva
"Lead on," say the wise man, to the fellow in distress.
"Believe in holy virtue of these stages of undress."
Nothing doing. Something's brewing, sinister, underground.
My Bodhisattva winks again. Her hand starts going round and round.

The ritual begins tonight, but I must never speak.
Fear is for the lonely man. Restraint is for the weak.
This tantric shit, I must admit, is highly underrated.
Our minds evolve in ecstasy, while flesh remains sedated.

Experience is where it's at. Let chaos reign supreme.
We watch Baraka stoned again, make love inside our dream.
I know I'm slipping further down. She starts to take her toll.
The instinct won't suppress if I relinquish all control.

Bodies hardly touching now. I don't know when to quit.
Bodhisattva reaches out to bends the rules a bit.
She leads me down the final path and moves into position.
It's always more exciting when you don't have permission.

Stop the magic roundabout, can't take it any more.
The goddess only stares at me and breaks another law.
My spirit self uncoils within, my mantra humming low.
This habit I've tried so hard to break gets caught in the undertow.

She smells like roses. She tastes like wine.
Even when she sweats, she looks so fine.
If I could run she'd be worth chasing after.
She's my Bodhisattva.

I always want what I can't have.
Track Name: Sick Surprise
She rolls me not in sunshine but in her bed of decay
She only holds my heart but she's been questing for the vein
Every time I breathe my heart feels like it's full of sand
The nurse awakes me gently with the pressure of her hand
Your words now long forgotten I at last can understand
A wish on your worst enemy
A cure for cancer

Undressed for the occasion sterilised to have her way
Unclean, unclean the leper calls
My horse, my horse for novocaine

She won't cover me with roses
I'll recover from her lies
She makes money from her kisses
Not another sick surprise

My body is a playground where the kids refuse to play
Her bitter tongue infects my corpse
Disaster leads the way
Track Name: My Favourite Curse
My favourite curse, she whispered to me
In the dead of night, dead in her room
I will wrap you swaddling-cloth tight, binding you to breath
Keeping you escape proof in my womb

I give to you these things.

My favourite curse, she whispered to me
As I turned my back and walked away
From her eyes you'll see me staring back into your face
Insipid shadow with vicious games to play

My favourite curse, she whispered to me
Flat out in the suburbs, flat on the floor
I will carry you further than you can crawl back
For I will come to follow you no more

Your scars are not enough
Your scars are not enough
To satisfy the growing need
To hold onto the boy that bleeds
A job done well but not seen through
These things, these things I give to you
Track Name: Dirty Fur Disco
I've got your pipe, I've got your well-cut hair
I've got your genius for genius
I've got your gimmicky things
I've got your trademarked smile
I've got your glint in my eye
I've got your family fortune
I live a happy life

I've got your smoking jacket and I don't smoke
I've got your fez, it's the height of fashion in my opinion
I've got the time to take to devote my time to my family
And if I had a family I'd kill them all for just being my folks

Reverend forgive me for being normal
I'm just like everyone else
Reverent forgive me but I don't need your forgiveness
I'm just like everyone else

I am a sinner by virtue of not having sinned
I am a pope because I call myself one
I've got quite a life outside your genius church
Your loyal order
I'm sorry for that
But there you go

There is no redemption for my kind
I am the body you are the mind
You are the junkie and I am the drug
I am the engine
There is no redemption for my kind
Live by the rules, die by the line
Can't change my clothes but I can change my mind
I am the engine
There is no redemption for my kind
We the unruly mass, we the undersigned
Don't know where we're going but we're still in line
I am the engine

Chicken and a shetland pony
Shave and a haircut
Two bits
Track Name: Cape Kennedy
Warm and close but no nearer the truth.
We said the words and shed our youth.
Clinging to heaven as the rats make their escape.
A burst of light and the years just burn away.
Flashpoint too close to the heart.
We trace the source back to the start.
At ground zero trusting innocently
There's none so blind as those that will not see.

Love like radiation.
Makes me sick, this situation.
Radiation, mother's tears.
A thousand suns, it disappears.
Love like radiation.
White ants through the black foundation.
Mother's fears, a dynasty radiates. Cape Kennedy.

Turn the lights out, offer up a prayer.
We flog the corpse to make sure it's dead.
Blink of an eye, I let it go.
The bomb gets dropped and I watch the fucker blow.

Love like radiation.
Track Name: Manchurian Candidate, Anyone?
Every day there are teeth to be brushed,
Shoes to be tied and lawns to be cut.
Every day there are guns to be polished
And beds to be made and boots to be shined.
It's a full life.

I'm feeling kind of funny, I got a gun in my hand.
Got my finger on the trigger but I don't know where I am.
Read the paper today, gotta stick it to the man.
Gotta put you in my pocket. I gotta make you understand.

Every day there are children to take to school
And then bring them home again.
Every day there's a country to protect
And a Red under the bed you made.
And now you're in it.

I'm feeling kind of funny, I got a gun in my hand.
Got my finger on the trigger but I don't know where I am.
Texas Book Depository and I just got outta 'Nam.
Gotta get my shit together.
I gotta drag you under.

Every day there are wives to be loved
And neighbours to be nice to and men to be killed.
Every day there are jobs to go and PTA meetings to attend.
It's a full life.

I'm feeling kind of funny, I got a pain in my head.
Got a magic bullet in my gun and a body full of lead.
Every day I try and think about all that you said.
You get me closer to god,
You get me closer to dead.

It's a full life.